Why Curiosity?

Curiosity can be cultivated. We can practice looking and listening with increased alertness.  We can ask questions of others and ourselves to further illuminate what we see and hear. We can be Everyday Detectives, looking for mysteries, oddities, and beauty in our world. We can practice asking questions as they occur to us.

Course Materials

Teacher Experience: List of Curiosities

List 20 things you’re curious about. Choose one and learn at least 5 things about it.

Teacher Experience: Curiosity Walk

Let’s talk our curiosity on the move! Take a walk in a familiar area and pay close attention to your surroundings. 

Teacher Materials: Why Observation?

Cultivating observation skills can promote health and well being. We use observation to increase our awareness of how external factors can shape how we feel energetically and emotionally. In this practice, we will observe Self, Others, and Space…. 


A week-long artist residency program providing our team with space and time to ideate, create, iterate, experiment and reflect. The experience allowed us to step into the role of our professional development recipients and try out new systems for collaboration and communication.

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We work with teams of all sizes--and all disciplines--to facilitate experiential creative learning.

Creativity is for everyone.

Creativity is for everyone.